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Island City Harbor

Compass Shell

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GUIDANCE The compass provides a sense of comfort and safety as you know you can always rely on it to point you in the right direction no matter where you are. Whether it is in the ocean, hiking through mountains or exploring unfamiliar roads. It is like the North Star, celebrated as a symbol of guidance. 

From the ARTIST: We get our shells from local fisherman here at the Jersey Shore , who collect them after they are done with what they need and we pick them up every week. We then get them home, clean them, dry them and sort through which ones we will be able to use. The ones that I can't use, they will be ground up for our garden in the backyard. I then decorate them with recycled napkins. Then they are glazed and painted with gold liquid on the edges.

Shells will NOT be the same size or shape as the one listed but very close.  They will all be different that's what makes them so special. Shell sizes will vary.  they will be from 2 1/2- 5 in Price listed is for 1 shell





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